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What is this course about?

A roadmap to success
What it takes to be a great leader
The power of coaching
Achieving Financial Independence
Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

A roadmap to success

“ I am not clear what I really want”

“I am frustrated with my career”

“I am stuck with my current job and seeing no way out”

“ I don’t know how to land my dream job”

This segment focuses on supporting committed professionals to achieve success through building their personal brand, establishing executive presence , smart networking and making powerful presentations.

It will guide your how to map out your career goals that will satisfy your long term Vision and Purpose. It will help you to be self-aware of your personal strengths and developmental needs.

There will be a road map for you  to land your dream job or even start your own business.

You will then be able to strategize an action plan to make your success a reality.

What it takes to be a great leader

“ I am not getting the best results from my staff”

“ My key messages are just not getting across to my team”

“What skills do I need to possess to become a charismatic leader?”

“ How can I leave a legacy that I can be most proud of?”

I have worked under many leaders, some great and some not so great . I have managed key business units with global corporations within a wide geographic span.

Some leaders leave behind a memorable legacy and some failed miserably.

There were some proudest moments as well as many failures.

In this segment , a list of key attributes required for a successful leader will be discussed. How leaders of different personalities can leverage their strengths to the maximum effect.

A self- assessment template will help you to know your leadership style, strengths and developmental areas.

An implementation plan will guide how you can vastly improve yourself as a leader.

The power of coaching

“How I can become more effective through coaching ?”

“ How I can apply coaching in my daily life?”

“What are the key difference between a coach, manager and a mentor?”

“How can I self- coach myself?”

Coaching is different from the traditional way of managing. It will guide you to make better decisions during time of uncertainty and volatility. It is also very beneficial for self- improvement.

A well-tested methodology for coaching others and self- coaching will help you to resolve many of the above challenges.

There will be many self- reflection opportunities to help you to reexamine your current mind set and behaviors.

At the end of the segment you will be better equipped to apply coaching effectively under different business situations.

Achieving Financial Independence

“ I am stuck in my current situation and see no future of financial independence”

“ I want to retire early”

“ I want financial freedom and don’t know how to do it”

“ How can I start with so little capital on hand?”

Most professionals are so focused on their job that they spend no time in their own finance. My transformation took place when I first read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

It touched me so much that I decided to achieve financial freedom on my own. At the time, I was very insecure and not sure if I will succeed. I took the leap of faith and committed to my plan under a fair amount of uncertainties.

Although I am not super rich by any standard, I am now enjoying a lifestyle with full financial freedom in doing what I want.

This segment will guide you how to apply sound principles when making a long term investment plan. I will also share with you some of the financial traps you should avoid.

Investment is simple if you follow the right rules.

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

“What kind of a person you want to become?”

“What will truly make you happy?”

“ What do I need to do in order to achieve self- containment? ”

“What kind of legacy you want to leave behind?”

This is indeed an ongoing journey. No one is perfect. I have been reading many autobiographies of many successful and famous leaders. Although many have achieved extraordinary results, they all have their own failings.  Many useful quotes by gurus will be provided to inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

A template that works well for most will be discussed and shared.

This platform is absolutely free

We have been discussing whether we should use this platform to generate income as there is a genuine commercial market need. We have decided to develop this platform without any commercial considerations.

The only price you need to pay is your full commitment and that you will share your success stories with others.