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I want to give special thanks to three persons.

The first one is Dr. Thomas Tang who is a very good friend. He inspired me to take up this initiative. At the time, I was at a crossroad looking for a new challenge in my life. Thomas motivated me to compile my lessons learnt and experience related to personal development and financial independence so that they can be shared with likeminded people. I am passionate about financial freedom and the need to plan your future at the earliest opportunity. The thought of developing a practical and workable road map for success excited me tremendously. I felt it was definitely something meaningful.

The second person is Monita Cheang whom I have worked with on many previous executive coaching projects. She is a very inspiring and professional coach. I started to bounce ideas off her and sent her my drafts for comments. She was most insightful in helping me structure my thoughts and translate them into a user friendly and practical format. I had subsequently asked her to be my editor. She did this mostly on a voluntary basis as she has a similar vision to support and help people in achieving their dreams. I have complete trust that she will give me the most honest and candid feedback. I must thank her for the extensive hard work she has given to this project.

Lastly, my special thanks for my dear wife Yvonne. She is the person I always seek out for personal advice. Although we may not always agree, and I may argue with her. She has this uncanny six sense to gauge if I am going in the right direction. Upon reflection, she is always right in what she was saying.

I sincerely hope that the contents will be read by a wide audience. I truly believe every one of us can do better in our lives. In hindsight, I wonder how my life could have unfolded if I have reflected more on things that I could have done differently or I had been more willing to take risks without the fear of failure.

The website is designed to be a sharing forum whereby we can freely discuss ideas to becoming "the Best Version of Ourselves”.

May I wish you all a very successful self-discovery journey.