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Road to Financial Freedom

"Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth" Paul Clitheroe. Although achieving financial freedom sounds like a straight forward process, the amount of efforts and discipline cannot be under estimated.

Robin Wong

6 Fundamental Steps I Follow That Helped Me Gain Financial Independence

By Robin Wong 1. Lose this common misconception about financial independence It is widely assumed that a person needs to be a financial expert or command a high salary in order to achieve financial independence, but that’s not necessarily true. Case in point: The story of my own domestic

Robin Wong

7 Tips On Choosing The Right Type Of Investments For A Solid Portfolio Most Suited For You

By Robin Wong You might be in a financial position where you’re ready to step into the world of investments, but with all the different types of asset classes available, it can get overwhelming deciding on which to go for. There also begs the question of whether you should

Robin Wong

3 Simple Rules To Help You Make Additional Money On Top Of Your Monthly Income

Wealth-building is, of course, easier said than done. Truth is, even the best investors out there cannot always predict the market correctly. However, those who do manage to successfully emerge a cut above the rest are the ones who are skilled in spotting opportunities during a market correction, and working

Robin Wong

Getting The Best Out Of Your Financial Planner

If you are to use a financial planner, it is best you do a thorough research on them. More importantly the recommendation to hire them is via word of mouth of satisfied customers. It is vital that you both have a common objective on the investment philosophy and approach. For

Robin Wong

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" Benjamin Franklin

Before you start the investment journey, spend time investing on your knowledge. In today’s environment, there is no shortage of educational materials. All you need is spend the time to find out. I normally get up early in the morning and spend at least 30 minutes enriching myself on