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self-limiting beliefs

Robin Wong

The Power of Martial Arts: A Journey to Self-Confidence

From the outside, martial arts might seem like any physical sport, focused on strength, agility, and combat techniques. However, martial arts has been a powerful development in building my self-confidence.

Robin Wong

Want to achieve lasting success? These are the hidden ingredients that top leaders use to reach the top

Success is a concept that we all strive for, but it can often feel elusive and hard to define. As a business and life coach, I've worked with many senior executives, NGO founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve success in their professional and personal lives. Over the

Robin Wong

Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

I have the privilege of working with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. One thing that has struck me is that most of us are not reaching our full potential.The one common obstacle that is preventing us is our self limiting beliefs. These beliefs can range from doubts